Michał Dąbrowski


A graduate of the department of Musical Education and Instrumental Department in the organ class of Professor Józef Serafin at the State Music College in Warsaw. The artist has taken part in international organ competitions in Chartres and Prague. In 1979 he received 2nd prize during the organ improvisation competition in the ‘Internazionale Orgeltage in Muensterland’.

Since 1979 Michał Dąbrowski has been directing the Academic Choir at Warsaw University of Life Sciences, with which he has performed a number of great oratorios, including Bach`s Magnificat , St. John Passion and the Mass in b-minor, Mozart`s Requiem and Brahms` Ein Deutsches Requiem. Since 1983 he has been an organist at the Church of the Holy Cross in Warsaw, from which Polish Radio broadcasts holly masses every Sunday.

From 1982 to 2005 Michał Dąbrowski cooperated with a renowned Polish singer Stefania Woytowicz, with whom he performed at a special concert in Castel Gandolfo, dedicated to the late Pope John Paul II. The artist took part in numerous premieres of various works by Polish composers, including Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, Bolesław Woytowicz, Andrzej Kurylewicz and Marian Sawa.

Since 1984 he has been organising choir meetings ‘Cantate Domino’. This particular event takes place every two years at the church of the Visitation of the Holy Virgin Mary in Warsaw. Additionally, he is also the musical director of concerts known as ‘Musica Sacra’ held at the church of the Holy Cross in Warsaw.

Since October 2000 Michał Dąbrowski has been a lecturer at the Music Academy in Warsaw and Białystok where he teaches organ improvisation and liturgy accompaniment.

Many of his current graduates have become organists in churches which are considered to be important musical centres, for instance, the metropolitan cathedral of St. John and Field Cathedral of the Polish Army in Warsaw, Cathedral Basilica in Białystok, the Sanctuary in Święta Lipka or the Cathedral in Częstochowa.

Together with the Academic Choir of Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Michał Dąbrowski has won numerous prizes at both national and international music competitions. He plays concerts in Poland and abroad. His career of the organist and choir conductor has been documented on various recordings made for radio, television and films.


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